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Grey Sun Trader


Half Cents thru Three Cents
Shield Nickels thru Twenty Cents
Bust Quarters thru Barber Halves
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Sterling Silver Jewelry
Buying Bullion

My buy prices for bullion
JM/Engelhard Rounds - Spot + $.20
Silver Rounds (Generic) - Spot + $.15
Circulated 1921 Morgans and Peace Dollars - $5.50
Circulated Pre-21 Morgans - $7.50
Circulated Walking Liberty Halves - $3.35 to 1
Circulated Franklin Halves - $3.15 to 1
Circulated Kennedy Halves (1964) - $2.95 to 1
Circulated 90% Quarters and Dimes - $2.85 to 1

We pay your shipping fees when you sell to us... even on heavy bullion!!!